Popper di qualità per uomo e donna


Content: 10 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
Isopentanol - CAS 123-51-3

The Iron Fist Black Label poppers is now back in a small bottle with its great pentyl formula to relax and stimulate you everywhere you go! Pentyl nitrite allows for maximum relaxation which is particularly handy when you're about to experience with fist-fucking, big toys or your partner's big piece.

The iconic Black Label design is now iconic and the strong formula has now made a name for itself, enabling great sessions with enthralling effects and making you very slutty and ready for action! Just open the bottle and let its sexy aroma fill the room to make you quickly eager for sex!

The 10 ml poppers is also made with aluminium for the first time, keeping it well protected and cool in the metal bottle. Its strong effects will make you relaxed and excited and is particularly adapted for all levels, whether you're a beginner or a pro! Try Iron Fist Black Label today!

Product details:
✓ Small bottle of 10 ml
✓ Made with aluminium
✓ Unbreakable metal
✓ Keeps it cool and protected
✓ One of the best-selling poppers
✓ Super strong Pentyl formula
✓ Secure cap
✓ Helps prevent spills and leaks

9.90 EUR 7.90 EUR

incl. IVA + spese di spedizione

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