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Fleshjack Boys: Samuel O Toole Butt Fleshjack

Marca: Fleshjack

Molded from the actor himself! Includes Samuel O Toole Fleshjack Butt sleeve with Squeeze texture and a powder blue Fleshjack case.

The sleeve comes in our new realistic flesh tone, exclusive to Fleshjack Boys products and not available on any other Fleshjacks.

Before using the Fleshjack please screw both caps from the case. Rinse the sleeve thoroughly with warm water before and after using the Fleshjack - do not use any soap or other cleansers. Talcum powder will maintain the Superskin material and keep it lithesome. Do not expose your Fleshjack to direct sunlight. Never use your Fleshjack with silicon-based lubricants; whenever you decide to use lubricants, use a product that’s water-based!

Length: approx. 25.4 cm
Material: SuperSkin

66.90 EUR

incl. IVA + spese di spedizione
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