Popper di qualità per uomo e donna


Content: 24 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

The new English Pentyl Poppers comes fresh from the british PWD factory with a slim and large format bottle and a new, super-powerful pentyl nitrite chemical compound. Amazing erotic sessions await you as soon as you open the bottle and let its fresh scent fill the room. Since Brexit, English Pentyl poppers have been in short supply so check out this little gem today while stocks last!

Its refined formula has been stabilised to release heightened sexual sensations right before or during your solo sex toy session or with partner. You will be able to fulfil your fantasies thanks to its powerful vasodilator effect for more relaxation and heightened sensations.

Pentyl is one of the three legal nitrites in Europe that is particularly suitable for masturbation, large sex toys and fist-fucking, making all your sessions way better!

Poppers English Pentyl has an immediate effect for having insanely hot moments in bed! The best poppers are on sale at your favorite Poppers-Shop at low price, with fast delivery to get Pentyl popppers from England easily since Brexit.

10.90 EUR

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