Popper di qualità per uomo e donna


Marca: Lockerroom

Content: 30 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - EC 951-169-0

Welcome to the Red District of Amsterdam, where you can come and let your dreams come true. Open up your mind to the effects of the Amsterdam Special Poppers, a powerful mixture finally available in the maxi round bottle by Locker Room Canada.

Directly imported from the manufacturer in special cold-storage containers, get your bottle today for an impressive experience! Poppers are famous worldwide for creating new sensations and relaxing your muscles, meaning a higher tolerance for pain during your naughtiest BDSM, kinky or fisting sessions!

During foreplay or your popperbate session, opening the vial and letting the erotic scent flood your stimulation centre will create wonderful sensations of sexual pleasure.

12.90 EUR

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